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Whether you are blasting your favorite jams on the car stereo or whether you are bobbing along to the soundtrack of your life as you stroll the streets, music is a central component for the lives of many individuals. MP3 players and iPods have revolutionized the ways in which people listen to music. Now, rather than collect CDs or records, people gather their music in MP3 form in their digital music libraries. However, with wireless internet on your mobile electronic device, you can also access new music in a number of new and different ways.

First, on your smart phone, you can store a huge part of your MP3 collection to listen to while you are working out or while you are walking to work. Your play lists for whatever occasion can also be accessed on your smart phone. While you might not always carry your iPod with you at all times, you will most likely have your smart phone. You consolidate all the different functions of your electronic devices into one singular machine so that your pockets or purse aren't filled with a number of different devices.

Another way to access music on your smart phone is through online radios. Because mobile broadband runs quickly, just like your connection at home, you will be able to stream your music without any problems. With a number of online radios, you will be able to listen to music, should you get tired of your own music library. With services such as Pandora, you will be able to plug in your headphones or connect your smart phone to the car stereo to enjoy your own customizable radio station with limited commercial interruptions. You choose a particular song or artist that you want to listen to and that radio station will play other musical selections that are similar to your particular music tastes. With Pandora, you can discover new artists that you might not have known about in the first place. Plus, you can customize the stations by approving or disapproving the songs that are being played.

Wireless internet allows you to enjoy music through your portable device, but it also allows you to find the names and artists of songs that are being played elsewhere. For instance, if you are at a nightclub or the mall and a song you particularly like begins to play, you can look up the name and artist using this technology called Shazam. It allows you to find new music as you hear it around you throughout the day. You might not know the name. Your friends might not know the name. However, this smart phone application will use your wireless internet connection to find out that information for you.

Lastly, you can also use the technology to stream music videos to accompany your favorite music. While you want to just listen to music while you walk to class or drive to work, you might want to have an accompanying video clip when you are enjoying your music while trying to pass the time.

Mobile phones are no longer restricted with few features; they come packed with various features and functions. The label FM mobile phone hints to a genre of mobiles that are dedicated to the FM radio. The FM enabled mobile phones help the users to enjoy great music round the clock accompanied with the latest news with the most recent updates and chat shows. Not only this, the FM enabled phone provides the gossip with all the recent happenings of glamour world.

The FM mobile phones form a league of their own and possess various other abilities. These may include imaging, messaging, advanced calling, entertainment, massive memory, fast connectivity options, games and many more. With a FM feature in the mobile phone, one does not need to carry a music system along with them. The FM phones have several merits to their credit. These communication gadgets can be a panacea to tense moments for instance, as they offer great entertainment at the user's discretion. Moreover, it supports flawless signal reception, so that users can listen to what they want.

One can easily tune into his or her favourite radio stations and enjoy different music programs. The Bluetooth headsets make your music experience a liberating one - this has been made possible with an integrated Bluetooth stereo A2DP. Moreover, while on the move, the users do not feel distracted from the outside world. As a matter of fact, it allows the users to make the most of news, business updates as well as sports updates using the FM enabled phone. It is not that the FM enables mobile phones are just enclosed with radio features, they offer more than live radio programs. Many of these handsets come with integrated music players, high-end camera options, video players and games.

The users can avail FM phones from various top manufacturers in the market place. Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Motorola are some of the best brands that are loaded with advanced radio options. The Nokia 6500 Slide can be taken as case in point, it comes integrated with FM radio feature complete with visual radio. The visual radio feature allows the users to listen to their favourite radio station, while interacting with the screen information. This visual radio information is provided by the radio station. Generally, it provides information on music being played, the weather, news and much more. Moreover, the users can experience private music with the help of headset.

The Sony Ericsson W910i is integrated with FM radio feature complete with radio RDS. As a matetr of fact, the users can tune into a FM radio station and enjoy their favourite music, chat or sports station on their phone. The built-in RDS feature provides the user with visual information which is provided by the radio station. It supports Bluetooth stereo A2DP which allows the users to enjoy a wirefree connection between their Bluetooth headset and the handset.

Apart from these handsets, some other popular FM enabled models are Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia 5300 XpressMusic, Sony Ericsson W950i, and MDA Compact III. Therefore, it can be said that FM feature in the phone makes the users updated on news, business updates, sports as well as sports.


When cell phones first became popular, there really wasn't much of a choice when it came to ringtones. Most phones came with a few generic ringtones, but there were no options if you wanted to personalize your ringtone or use it to show off a bit of your personality and who you are. Thankfully that's all changed and there is really no end to the different ringtones that you can use. Any sound, from pigs snorting to someone telling you to answer your phone can be used as your ringtone. While the novelty ringtones are always going to be popular, music ringtones offer the most options when it comes to choosing. If it's a song, especially a current, popular one, then there's a ringtone for it.

The internet is a wealth of information and sites that offer music ringtones. When searching, you want to make sure that it is the actual artist on the ringtone and not simply a piece of the song done instrumentally. There is a huge difference between Black Sabbath pounding out Paranoid and a muzak version of it. Unless, of course, you are into that kind of music.

The great thing about music ringtones is that the sheer volume available means that you can change your ringtone as much as you want. You can choose your ringtone based on your mood, who's calling or your current favorite song. Older songs are also available so if you are feeling particularly disco, you can download a BeeGees or ABBA ringtone. The classical are also available if you want to add a bit of class to your day.

If you and your partner have a favorite song, you can set that as your ringtone when she or he calls. Same with your best friend, or any number for that matter. Not only is it fun, but it lets you know ahead of time who's calling. Think of it as a musical call display.

If you download a musical ringtone, you don't have to use it forever. In fact, you don't have to use it at all. It's all up to you. The music we prefer to listen to can change daily depending on our mood so it only makes sense that the same rule applies to music ringtones. If you wake up in a less than happy mood, but you have a cheery ringtone, you may want to change it to something more mellow. And the opposite also holds true: if you are in a super happy mood, an upbeat ringtone will reflect that.

When you go in search of musical ringtones, you will have a few different options when deciding how to pay. Some ringtone sites offer a per ringtone price, so you pay for each ringtone that you purchase. Other sites, though, offer a subscription that allows you to download a certain number of ringtones per month. If you tend to use the same ringtone for long periods of time and don't anticipate buying a lot of ringtones, then the pay per ringtone option will work best for you. But if you are constantly changing your ringtone and like to have several different ones to choose from, then you will want to get your ringtones from a site that offers a monthly subscription. The monthly subscriptions usually mean that you are saving money by paying for the ringtones in bulk.

Music ringtones can be a lot of fun to use, especially if you are a music junkie. Cell phones are often a reflection of your personality, and this includes your ringtone.