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Camera cell phone video - description.

Camera cell phone video is new development that 2 - 3 years ago found its way into the nowadays cellular phone market. Camera cell phone video is an invention that allows the users of compatible camera cell phones to take short video clips, instead of just pictures. The video feature is great. You have all the functionality of video camera, digital camera, and phone in one gadget. These phones are available for purchase with the qualified service plans.

Camera cell phone video - development.

Camera cell phone video technology was developed not long ago. On November 16, 2000 GEO Interactive Media Group and Samsung Electronics announced the development of MPEG4 streaming video mobile phone. That phone used the "Emblaze A2 chip" to allow video playback. This development was followed by the manufacturing of various models of new cellular phones that provided video support by many other cellular phone companies like Nokia.

Camera cell phone video - Nokia 3650 Phone.

Nokia 3650 is an example of the phones that provide the support of camera cell phone video. This cellular phone is currently supported by cellular service providers like AT&T and T-Mobile. Many features of this phone include but are not limited to Voice Dialing, speakerphone, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), and others.

The Nokia 3650 Phone has a built-in digital VGA camera which provides the camera cell phone video capability. With the camera provided with this cellular phone you can either take over 1000 VGA photos or record short video clips. Various formats are supported. You will love this phone for all of its features.

Most of the latest mobile phones have a whole range of features to make them more useful and to give them an ever increasing role in our lives. The latest phones have all kinds of additional things built into them that make them hungry for more power and memory, and thanks to this, fitting additional memory for your mobile phone is often an important consideration when choosing a new phone.

If you have a new mobile phone such as a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, you will find that it has a camera, video recording, sound recording, MP3 player, and a phonebook and diary all built into it. It can also surf the internet, which means that it can keep a record of the pages that you have visited.

The internal memory of the phone is quite limited, and is unable to store all the photos, videos and music that you may want to carry around with you, but luckily, it is possible to buy a standard memory stick with a capacity of up to 2GB and slot it into the phone in order to supplement the existing memory.

In general, the rule to follow when buying storage for your mobile phone is that more is better. It is always better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it. Of course, larger memory sticks cost more money, but over the course of a year or 18 months of ownership, you will probably stock up a lot of photos using your phone.

An average MP3 file takes up around 4MB of space depending on the length and quality of the recording, so a 2GB memory card will hold around about 500 songs, which is about the same as an iPod nano. For most people who do not want to carry their entire music collection around with them, 2GB is a good size, although if you do take a lot of videos, you may fill it up quite quickly.

The actual size of a video file will vary with the length of the film. Short video clips of the sort that you may normally watch on a phone are generally around the same size as a music file, so bear this in mind.

With a 2 mega pixel camera built into your phone, taking pictures at the highest possible quality all the time will result in you being able to store literally thousands of images on your mobile, so it is particularly unlikely that you will fill the memory card. One thing to consider though is to regularly back up all your images onto your PC or an online storage service like Flicker where you know that they will be safe. There is nothing worse than having your phone stolen and losing all your important photos inside it.